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Anonymous asked: what manga is this post/78101725402? thanks :>

im actually not sure ): sorry

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Pure My Imouto - Milk Purun

Photo 26 Mar 314 notes ai dano koi dano

ai dano koi dano

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Anonymous asked: Know any good bl flash games (or just games in general) Ive played most from yaoihavereborn and was wondering if there was some other good sites

sorry, but I don’t really play bl games ):

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asiflikeseriously asked: WHAT IS THIS FROM /post/24055540541

Maiden Rose! :) manga / anime ova

it’s got a wonderful storyline

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maddamredders-yaoi asked: May I ask, who are the characters in your profile pic? ;)

they’re from this BL game - Messiah :)

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Anonymous asked: Hmhmhm.I think your blog is 20*/* cooler than other yaoi blogs...

Thank you!! <3

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Anonymous asked: Do you know any good hardcore yaoi I can watch

I have mentioned this so so many times but there are so little yaoi anime…. the good ones in my opinion (no particular order): Enzai, Sensitive pornography, shounen maid Kuro kun, boku no sexual harassment, if ur into shotacon then boku no pico

Photo 14 Mar 67 notes Only You  :)

Only You  :)

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